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  This site was made to help people who are intending to convert their KE55 Toyota Corolla to the 2TG engine.  The car I converted was a 1981 Corolla SE, Model KE55.  I believe that this information may also be usefull to people looking at doing the same conversion into the KE3x model Corollas, as they are near identicle to my knowledge.

  The KE55 Corolla came out in Australia with the 4KC 1300 engine.   Seeing as this site is not intended to be anything more than a guide to undertaking the said conversion, I have placed some links on the Link Page, for those of you who wish to look up the history, models, etc, of Toyota cars and engines. 

  In Japan the equivalent corolla came out with different variants of the 2T engine, therefore it is not an extermely difficult conversion.  In fact, having never done an engine conversion before, I started and finished the whole thing in my backyard, under a car port, with minimal tools!  (and advice from lots of people who had done this before)!  Although not a mechanic, I was lucky enough to have had been involved in motorsport for all my childhood and teenage years, racing Go-Karts around Australia, and Internationally, which gave me a sound amount of mechanical knowledge. 

How this site works

  This site is intended to be a step by step guide, from start to finish, on how to undertake this conversion.  As I stated I am not a mechanic, and I take no responsibility for injuries, death or the like, that may be alleged to have resulted from reading these pages!

  The main conversion page is all text on how I did this conversion, whether it is the right way or not, I do not guarantee it, and I have tried to make correspondance to the pictures on the photo page, where possible.  There will definatly be better and diferent ways to undertake this conversion, but I found this way the easiest.

  I will also make a running cost and tally somewhere on this site after completion!

'81 KE55 Corolla

The car I allready owned.  Not much of a glamour but with a set of mag wheels it looked a little better.  My car is a "SE" which has vynil interior.  The upmarket "CS" I think had velour! tasty!

Why I did this conversion the way I did

  My aim for this conversion was to start from scratch, (a standard car) and have it repowered within 1 month.  You can extensively modify parts that I did not, to make the conversion neater, or more factory looking, but as I said, I just wanted to get it done quickly, and have as a result a zippy little A to B car that would be reliable.  As it has turned out, I have achieved this.

   It is not a really fast car, but alot faster than standard, and alot more fun to drive!


One final comment

  I have tried to make this site as legible as possible for everyone, and I know there may be spelling errors etc, but this is not an english exam! 


The 2TG I used was originally the EFI version, but now fitted with points ignition.  I also used twin Webers, to keep costs down.  There are different versions of the 2TG engine, most if not all of which you can find through the links on my Links page.